Achieving circularity

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erthos™ certified products

We get it, it’s tough to launch truly sustainable products on a global scale. With erthos, brands can now easily integrate plant powered materials for a wide range of product applications.
We’re not reinventing the wheel, we’re just making it more sustainable.

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Caps & Closures

key features:

Snap-on and screw-on technology, slightly flexible. Durable for multi-use.

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Branded Containers

key features:

Compatible with moisture, and liquids for limited time. pH resilient in ranges between 4-10. Embossing/debossing and printing elements for customization.

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Fashion Hangers

key features:

Holds metal hooks, precision cutting for hanger elements, embossing/debossing, custom printing.

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key features:

Compatible with hot temperatures up to 96°C for hot soups, and cold temperatures down to 4°C for iced coffees.


We design new products everyday.

Products that tell a powerful brand story.

Benefits to adopting our sustainable solutions:
Environmental Benefits

Significant water, energy savings, lower carbon and plastic reduction metrics to support your sustainability goals.

Seamless Supply Chain Integration

Compatible to existing supply chain vendors and/or new product development teams.

Zero Product Compromises

Same products, better impact. Always designed with the right quality and end-of-life in mind.

Increased Brand Loyalty

Custom communications guidelines, resources and handbooks for max-impact in a growing eco-conscious market.

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